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The Economist: Asia

[1]Japan’s government is in two minds about smoking
[2]One country in Asia has embraced same-sex marriage. Where’s next?
[3]The outrageous death of Otto Warmbier complicates American policy on North Korea
[4]Mongolians prepare to elect a new president
[5]India’s raucous democracy is becoming more subdued
[6]Sri Lanka debates its antiquated Muslim family laws
[7]Australia battles Chinese political influence
[8]A feud erupts between Singapore’s prime minister and his siblings
[9]Property disputes are Vietnam’s biggest political problem
[10]China persuades Panama to break diplomatic ties with Taiwan
[11]Why North Korea is testing so many missiles
[12]Imran Khan’s party improves services in Pakistan’s wildest province
[13]How Kim Jong Un builds his personality cult
[14]The Cambodian strongman’s party keeps control
[15]Japan gives short shrift to a UN rapporteur looking into press freedom
[16]Why the world’s biggest school system is failing its pupils
[17]How foreigners misunderstand Singapore
[18]South Koreans get dewy-eyed about a former president
[19]Democracy has muzzled Myanmar’s parliament
[20]Bangladesh’s government is pandering to Islamist zealots

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