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The Economist: Asia

[1]Why China is wrong to be furious about THAAD
[2]A Hindu priest takes charge of India’s most populous state
[3]How a Chinese fishing fleet creates facts on the water
[4]The governor of Tokyo declares war on her own party
[5]The Thai junta’s 20-year plan omits the most urgent item
[6]New Zealand declares a river a person
[7]Measures to placate Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority are stalling
[8]Thousands of victims of Sri Lanka’s civil war remain unaccounted for
[9]Return confiscated property? Never, says India’s government
[10]South-East Asian cities are waging war on street food
[11]Australians spend more on gambling than people anywhere else
[12]South Korea’s president is impeached
[13]Narendra Modi’s party drubs the opposition in India’s biggest state
[14]North Korea takes 11 Malaysians hostage
[15]Pakistan confronts something unfamiliar: optimism
[16]The government of Singapore says it welcomes criticism, but its critics still suffer
[17]South Korea and Japan may bicker, but Busan and Fukuoka get on fine
[18]The end of a mining boom leaves Australia’s economy surprisingly intact
[19]A state election in Australia reveals the rise of nativists
[20]An ultranationalist kindergarten in Japan

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