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The Economist: Asia

[1]Malaysia and Abu Dhabi strike a deal over 1MDB
[2]South Korea’s presidential election fuels a row about gay rights
[3]Australia’s prime minister is not the man he used to be
[4]Why India’s opposition is nearly irrelevant
[5]China’s bullying is backfiring in South Korea’s presidential race
[6]What the trials of migratory birds say about Asia’s development
[7]Vietnam uses an old naval base to make new friends
[8]A new bill reveals the Japanese government’s authoritarian streak
[9]A “blasphemy killing” at a university shocks Pakistan
[10]America first frightens South Korea, then tries to reassure it
[11]A tense election threatens Indonesia’s religious tolerance
[12]Vietnam executes many more people than previously thought
[13]Migrant workers in South Korea are often better off in prison
[14]Australia is flailing in the face of a meth epidemic
[15]India’s ID system is reshaping ties between state and citizens
[16]Japanese ultranationalists’ devotion to the emperor is unrequited
[17]Why bullying in Japanese schools is especially traumatic
[18]An Australia that can say no to China
[19]New rules on booze drive Indian businesses into a ditch
[20]The government initiates a coup at Bangladesh’s biggest bank

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