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The Economist: China

[1]China is spending billions to make the world love it
[2]China is whipping up public anger against South Korea
[3]China finally starts to write a proper civil code
[4]Chinese football clubs are struggling with new curbs on foreign players
[5]A prank on Chinese television shows dissidents’ wile
[6]China’s one-party system has a surprising number of parties
[7]Bold reformist talk at China’s parliament
[8]Is China’s president the new Deng Xiaoping?
[9]The race has begun for Hong Kong’s leadership
[10]China’s citizens are complaining more loudly about polluted air
[11]Furious with North Korea, China stops buying its coal
[12]China believes domestic tourism can promote “ethnic unity”
[13]The Trump brand wins a battle in China
[14]China is battling against market manipulators
[15]Officials in China are stifling debate about reform
[16]China’s transgender Oprah
[17]To boost cinema attendance, China wages war on critics
[18]China’s roads and workplaces seem to be getting safer
[19]A billionaire’s disappearance rattles Hong Kong
[20]Chinese officials use hotlines to take the public’s pulse

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