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The Economist: China

[1]Two decades after taking over Hong Kong, China is getting tougher
[2]China has been poorer than Europe longer than the party thinks
[3]China is torturing civil-rights lawyers
[4]To rule China, Xi Jinping relies on a shadowy web of committees
[5]Will China fill the vacuum left by America?
[6]A Chinese magazine fights a battle royal
[7]Inner Mongolia has become China’s model of assimilation
[8]Gay-rights rulings in Taiwan and Hong Kong may sway the mainland
[9]A provincial shuffle shows the power of China’s president
[10]Megaprojects threaten Hong Kong’s iconic dolphins
[11]In China, even schoolchildren are told to catch spies
[12]China’s mid-sized cities are enjoying a property boom
[13]The wider meaning of change in a Beijing alleyway
[14]Xi Jinping is enjoying a “belt-and-road” glow
[15]A migrant worker’s story of her travails is a huge hit in China
[16]China needs many more primary-care doctors
[17]China faces resistance to a cherished theme of its foreign policy
[18]The extraordinary ways in which China humiliates Muslims
[19]A Chinese tycoon’s allegations are stinging the Communist Party
[20]China’s new approach to beating poverty

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