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The Economist: China

[1]The Communist Party is redefining what it means to be Chinese
[2]China’s labour law is no use to those who need it most
[3]In Hong Kong, a row over land rights reflects a bitter divide
[4]Rich Chinese try camping as the authorities settle nomads
[5]Reform of China’s army enters a new phase
[6]China tries to keep foreign rubbish out
[7]Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin behave like the best of buddies
[8]Credit growth in China is causing jitters
[9]A potential successor to Xi Jinping is purged
[10]Furtive last rites for a political prisoner
[11]Why China’s Communists recognise just 56 ethnic groups
[12]Xi Jinping has chosen an unusual man to lead the capital city
[13]Xi Jinping keeps hundreds in prison for peaceful dissent
[14]Liu Xiaobo, China’s best-known political prisoner, has died
[15]Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are not so friendly after all
[16]China’s growing market in dog meat
[17]There is a gulf between Hong Kongers and the Communist Party
[18]Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel peace-prize winner, is battling liver cancer
[19]China warns its banks about four of its most global companies
[20]China cracks down on video streaming

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