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The Economist: International

[1]A better way to care for the dying
[2]What people most want in their final months
[3]A global attack on long-neglected tropical diseases is succeeding
[4]How to dispose of nuclear waste
[5]How hospitals could be rebuilt, better than before
[6]The world has made great progress in eradicating extreme poverty
[7]America’s proposed budget cuts will be bad for the environment
[8]Could Donald Trump’s attack on the UN destabilise the world?
[9]Pope Francis presses ahead with tackling the Vatican’s murky finances
[10]Francis is facing down opposition from traditionalists and Vatican bureaucrats
[11]A circular tale of changing food preferences
[12]Removing unauthorised immigrants is difficult and expensive
[13]A report from De Beers’s new diamond mine
[14]Many countries make it hard to marry someone from another religion
[15]For multi-national families, breaking up can lead to tragedy
[16]Phones are now indispensable for refugees
[17]Millennials across the rich world are failing to vote
[18]The state and the veil
[19]Turkey covers up
[20]The war on baby girls winds down

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