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The Economist: International

[1]The e-mail Larry Page should have written to James Damore
[2]Internet firms face a global techlash
[3]How and why road-pricing will happen
[4]The rise of childlessness
[6]New methods and technology can make elections fairer
[7]How powerful people use criminal-defamation laws to silence their critics
[8]Critics of oppressive governments often end up defamed
[9]A crackdown on financial crime means global banks are derisking
[10]Aid brought Liberia back from the brink
[11]Tall buildings are becoming more common. They need not be dangerous
[12]Britain’s election is the latest occasion to bash pollsters
[13]Tech giants are under fire for facilitating terrorism
[14]How Israel spots lone-wolf attackers
[15]The UN Human Rights Council will be weaker if America leaves
[16]Bans help make torture less common
[17]America’s foreign policy: embrace thugs, dictators and strongmen
[18]More women are being put behind bars. Fewer should be
[19]Too many prisons make bad people worse. There is a better way
[20]Policymakers around the world are embracing behavioural science

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