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The Economist: Business

[1]Technology firms and the office of the future
[2]Steven Mnuchin gets started on tax reform but there is more to do
[3]A Form 10-K for America’s government
[4]French businesses relish the prospect of President Macron
[5]A giant cement firm may have unwittingly funded Islamic State
[6]India's Patanjali takes on Western consumer-goods firms
[7]Small flying “cars” come a bit closer to reality
[8]How Donald Trump affects America’s tourist business
[9]AkzoNobel, under siege, makes unrealistic promises about growth
[10]Japanese fast-food chains feel a squeeze
[11]Another debate about net neutrality in America
[12]Why the decline in the number of listed American firms matters
[13]China’s internet giants go global
[14]New types of driver embrace the recreational vehicle
[15]Cloudification will mean upheaval in telecoms
[16]Google is accused of underpaying women
[17]China’s HNA Group goes on a global shopping spree
[18]How Germany’s Otto uses artificial intelligence
[19]The University of Chicago worries about a lack of competition
[20]Why carmakers need to get bigger

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