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The Economist: Business

[1]Cisco adapts to the rise of cloud computing
[2]Fidelity’s lessons for the asset-management business
[3]Travis Kalanick steps down as chief executive of Uber
[4]A hybrid startup offers AI services to business
[5]Amazon’s big, fresh deal with Whole Foods
[6]General Motors is getting smaller but more profitable
[7]A trendy Asian lifestyle chain opens in North Korea
[8]The prospects for the world’s biggest IPO
[9]India’s huge buffalo-meat industry is in limbo
[10]Corporate Europe is giddy with optimism
[11]Canadian banks don’t face a crisis. They do face a strategic trilemma
[12]German deep discounters go big in America
[13]Tanzania’s firebrand leader takes on its largest gold miner
[14]A Swedish activist speaks softly and carries a big stick
[15]A high-flying Chinese dealmaker has his wings clipped
[16]One year before the World Cup, FIFA is shunned by sponsors
[17]American energy firms are enjoying a bonanza south of the border
[18]General Electric picks a new boss
[19]Big business sees the promise of clean energy
[20]President Trump wants to privatise air-traffic control

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