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The Economist: Finance and economics

[1]The investigation into the Bangladesh Bank heist continues
[2]A philanthropic boom: “donor-advised funds”
[3]The unusual gap between American and European bond yields
[4]China’s growing clout in international economic affairs
[5]The Trump administration will review all of America’s trade deals
[6]An earthquake in European banking
[7]Economic shocks are more likely to be lethal in America
[8]Is the Federal Reserve giving banks a $12bn subsidy?
[9]The progressive case for immigration
[10]Correction: Green finance for dirty ships
[11]Do smart-beta investment funds work?
[12]Why too much oil in storage is weighing on prices
[13]Iceland lifts capital controls
[14]Sovereign-wealth funds catch on in Africa
[15]The South Korea-US trade agreement turns five
[16]As the Fed raises rates, Janet Yellen’s legacy is pondered
[17]The end of “secular stagnation”?
[18]The coming revolution in insurance
[19]A New York startup shakes up the insurance business
[20]A big merger in the asset-management industry

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