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The Economist: Finance and economics

[1]Why Africa’s development model puzzles economists
[2]Hedge funds try to promote sports betting as an asset class
[3]The North American Free-Trade Agreement renegotiation begins
[4]The Trump administration is investigating Chinese trade practices
[5]The Catholic church becomes an impact investor
[6]China modernises its monetary policy
[7]A firm that shares a name with its founder earns higher profits
[8]Research points to a new explanation of “Dutch disease”
[9]Who will be the next chair of the Federal Reserve?
[10]Investors are not great at predicting politics
[11]Australia’s CommBank is accused of abetting money-laundering
[12]Investment in American infrastructure is falling
[13]Why the world’s best footballers are cheaper than they seem
[14]Chasing higher yields, investors pile into risky countries
[15]How crisis-hit economies become investment darlings
[16]The private-equity business learns to be more flexible
[17]Why national accounts might be like corporate balance-sheets
[18]Genetic testing threatens the insurance industry
[19]A crucial interest-rate benchmark faces a murky future
[20]Bitcoin divides to rule

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