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[1]Schumpeter: Citigroup’s decade of agony is almost over
[2]The public’s interest: Is the Federal Reserve giving banks a $12bn subsidy?
[3]Blues in a different key: Deutsche Bank raises capital, and changes course
[4]Off balance: India’s twin balance-sheet problem
[5]Better does not mean good: British banks are doing better than expected—but the taxpayer is not off the hook yet
[6]From worse to bad: Talk of a bad bank in India
[7]Podcast: Money Talks: How to make money from digital entertainment
[8]Saving Siena: Italy presents the European Union’s new bank-rescue rules with their first big test
[9]Lost passports: How the City of London hopes to navigate a hard Brexit
[10]Out of the box: Singapore tries to become a fintech hub
[11]Finance and economics: The Greenspan legacy
[12]Schumpeter: The three Rs behind global banks’ recovery
[13]Polishing the floor: Supervisors put off finalising reforms to bank-capital rules
[14]Italian banks: The state steps in to rescue Monte dei Paschi di Siena
[15]Deutsche Bank: Germany’s biggest lender reaches a settlement with America’s Department of Justice
[16]UniCredit sets out its stall: Italy’s biggest bank unveils a recapitalisation plan
[17]A monte to climb: Italian banks after the referendum
[18]Podcast: Money talks: How the weakest bank in Europe just got weaker
[19]The Economist explains: What is the Emoluments Clause?
[20]Small overdraft in Chile: Revising bank-capital standards
[21]Business this week
[22]Banks and “too big to fail”: Kash call
[23]Agricultural Bank of China: Sanctions with Chinese characteristics
[24]Italian banks: Spectral forms
[25]Banking in Europe: Autumn blues

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