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Computer Technology
[1]The next decade: The iPhone turns ten
[2]Creation stories: Generating convincing audio and video of fake events
[3]Flicking the switch: Cisco adapts to the rise of cloud computing
[4]Hacking the hacks: Is Mexico’s government spying on its critics?
[5]Difference Engine: New technology is eroding your right to tinker with things you own
[6]Seeing is believing: Drones—what are they good for?
[7]Body language: How retailers are watching shoppers’ emotions
[8]Babbage: Podcast: Battle of the maps
[9]Technology governance: China’s new cyber-security law is worryingly vague
[10]Unshackled algorithms: Machine-learning promises to shake up large swathes of finance
[11]Babbage: Podcast: Anticipating terrorism
[12]Babbage: Podcast: Technology in 2050
[13]From blue-chip to chip blues: Embattled Toshiba tries to sell its flash-memory unit
[14]App wars: Tencent takes on Apple in China
[15]Hack me if you can: How governments in the Middle East snoop on human-rights activists
[16]Cyber-security: The exploits of bug hunters
[17]Cyber-crime: WannaCry should make people treat cyber-crime seriously
[18]The worm that turned: The WannaCry attack reveals the risks of a computerised world
[19]Daily chart: Ransomware attacks were on the rise, even before the latest episode
[20]Cybercrime: A large-scale cyber-attack highlights the structural dilemma of the NSA
[21]Letters: Letters to the editor
[22]Artificial intelligence: Why AI researchers like video games
[23]Letters: Letters to the editor
[24]Cloning voices: Imitating people’s speech patterns precisely could bring trouble
[25]Telecomulonimbus: Cloudification will mean upheaval in telecoms

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