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Computer Technology
[1]Vaulting ambition: New European rules will open up retail banking
[2]Head in the cloud: What Satya Nadella did at Microsoft
[3]An entangled web: The promise of quantum encryption
[4]Cue bits: Why all eyes are on quantum computers
[5]Here, there and everywhere: Quantum technology is beginning to come into its own
[6]Commercial breaks: The uses of quantum technology
[7]Program management: Quantum computers will require a whole new set of software
[8]Brain scan: David Deutsch, father of quantum computing
[9]Subatomic opportunities: Quantum leaps
[10]The Economist explains: How to make sense of Snapchat
[11]Intel on the outside: The rise of artificial intelligence is creating new variety in the chip market, and trouble for Intel
[12]Real virtuality: In Cuba, app stores pay rent
[13]Augmented reality: Why augmented reality will be big in business first
[14]Reality, only better: The promise of augmented reality
[15]Podcast: Babbage: Adding to reality
[16]Difference Engine: The woes of Windows 10
[17]Forever present: Digital immortality for the Holocaust’s last survivors
[18]Gas puzzlers: American regulators investigate Fiat Chrysler for emissions cheating
[19]Road outrage: To stop carmakers bending the rules on emissions, Europe must get much tougher
[20]Daily chart: Toxic emissions from cars may be several times higher than the legal limit
[21]Something nasty from the tail pipe: American regulators accuse Fiat Chrysler of emissions cheating
[22]The Economist explains: How machines learned to speak human language
[23]Where humans still beat computers: Brain scan: Terry Winograd
[24]I hear you: Speech recognition
[25]For my next trick: Coming to grips with voice technology

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