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strategy+business: RECENT RESEARCH

[1]Your Next Corporate Leader Should Have a Pilot's License
[2]For Startups, Giving Up Control Is Key to Creating Value
[3]How TiVo Confronted the Disruptor's Dilemma
[4]Turn a Growth Bump into a Boon
[5]How Strategy Talk Creates Value
[6]Return on Design
[7]Doing the Super Bowl Ad Math
[8]Sorting through Corporate Protest Tactics
[9]How Smartphone Apps Influence the Way We Shop
[10]A Silver Lining in Gray Markets? It's Complicated.
[11]What It Takes to Stay Ahead of the Competition
[12]Understanding the "Ricochet Effect" of Bad News
[13]Female CEOs: A Steady Hand at the Wheel
[14]The Myth of the Coveted Loyal Shopper
[15]Want an Innovative Culture? Be Kind to Your Creative Thinkers
[16]Joint-Venture Road Map for the Little(r) Guy
[17]The Pros and (Mostly) Cons of Cracking Wise in Online Job Ads
[18]Serendipity in the Cloud
[19]Delivering Bad News Weighs on HR Staff
[20]When Companies Should, and Shouldn't, Tout Their Global Reach
[21]When Customer Loyalty Programs Backfire
[22]What Does the Rise of 3D Printing Mean for Global Companies?
[23]Agreeable vs. Disagreeable CEO: Who Do You Want at the Helm?
[24]Managers Need to Understand Their Sales Reps' Cultural Values
[25]Stressed at Work? Tell It to Social Media

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