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strategy+business: BUSINESS LITERATURE

[1]Woman at Work
[2]One Doctor's Take on How to Fix the Sick Healthcare System
[3]Cracking the Code of Economic Development
[4]Why Managers Can't Skimp on Radical Candor
[5]Nir Eyal's Required Reading
[6]The Business of Tetris
[7]The Sisyphean Task of Activating Boards of Directors
[8]Susan David's Required Reading
[9]Peter Diamandis's Excellent Adventure
[10]Buying Our Time
[11]It Pays to Get to Know Your Superconsumers
[12]Samuel Bacharach's Required Reading
[13]Women's Work
[14]Joann Lublin Explains How Women Executives Are Earning It
[15]Required Reading: Human Nature and Networks
[16]How to Get Off the Hook
[17]Marc Levinson Explains How an Extraordinary Time in the Global Economy Ended
[18]Margaret Heffernan's Required Reading
[19]Sebastian Mallaby Explains What Alan Greenspan Knew
[20]Best Business Books 2016 -- In Pictures
[21]Best Business Books 2016: s+b's Top Shelf
[22]Best Business Books 2016: Technology
[23]Best Business Books 2016
[24]Best Business Books 2016: Talent & Leadership
[25]Best Business Books 2016: Management

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