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Blog By: maureate
How the world may end

Thank god we live another day. The world will probably end when the nuke bombs explode simultaneously in america, europe, israel, pakistan, india, russia, china, korea and where else. So dismantle the bombs and dont blame it on some mayan calendar.

The world will not end due to a silly believe in some mayan calendar but this will explain why the world will end.
Western hypocrites try to fool us by blaming the mayan calendar, go to this site and you will know why the world will end. Explosion of nuke bombs in a large number (probably due to a nuclear war) may cause intercontinental instability and frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc. Gases released so frequently from volcanic eruptions may pollute the atmosphere or cause strange shifts in weather unsuitable for living things, very strong typhoons, etc that may endanger and kill living things in mass number so they cant reproduce enough for continuous running of the ecosystem. And so living things will cease to exist.
Anyway the radioactive pollutions in large quantities covering varse surface of the earth itself is enough to threaten living things and end their continuity of existence on this planet.

The recent frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis are probably due to years of repeatitious nuke explosions especialy underground. They may not occur instantly but may take years before instablity of the continents due to the nuke explosion take effect. The nuclear powers are cunning and hide much infos about the effect of repetitious nuke explosion because they dont want to be blamed for what they have done. - Published Sun, Dec 23, 2012

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