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Blog By: maureate
What the gun seller sends

A story goes that the a window glass seller needs to sell his glasses but no window glasses are broken, so he sends his little kid to the neighbourhood to throw stones to the windows of the houses he passes by.
Soon he has a flourishing business selling window glasses to those whose window glasses are broken by the stones thrown by his little kid.

And there is the story of some antivirus app maker who sends viruses all over the net so people would buy his antivirus apps to cure their pcs of the viruses that he has sent online.

Lately, there is also some story about a gun seller who wants to make so much money selling guns and he tries to learn how to make more money by getting the money-making idea from the above stories.

Now you tell me what he sends to the neighbourhood

the answer - Published Sun, Dec 23, 2012

Tag:Window, glass, virus, app, gun

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