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Blog By: maureate
How to get an fb profile name into a link without showing the page address on fb status

This procedure is for those using Nokia N73 phones or similar models

1. First get the id of the username by typing into the http address bar like this:-
Username is somebody's username you want to know his/her id.
For example, you type into the address bar.
You ll see something like this shown on the screen.
"id":"100000906887292","name":"Maumu Maureate","first_name":"Maumu","last_name":"Maureate","link":"http:\/\/\/maureate","username":"maureate","gender":"male","locale":"en_US"

2. After the id is shown in the form of numbers, you copy the id and paste it into this code @[id:0]
This is written into the fb status for example @[100000906887292:0] and post it. After that the fb page appears and you get to see the profile name which if you click will get you to the username's fb page.
For example, this how it look on the status:- Maumu Maureate
Click it and you ll get to the profile page of the name
*This procedure wont work if the profile name setting doesnt allow the profile name to be linked. In that case you ll only get to see the profile name without it linking to the page, like this:- Maumu Maureate
*You need to use a ucweb browser for copy and paste of the id etc

further reading - Published Thu, Jan 3, 2013

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