A Complete Personal mobile Portal

Why foneT.mobi - 1

  • Single sign on for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Calendar, Foursquare, Gowalla, Google Buzz, TripIt, Picasa, FlickR, FourSquare, Gowalla, FriedFeed and Delicious
  • Update status to multiple websites like facebook, linkedIn, Twitter, Google buzz and friendfeed with a single click
  • A simple interface for all pages which is easy to remember
  • A single URL for your phone
  • Manage your social life from a single place
  • Build your all your profiles at a single place and share with your friends
  • A complete grocery card management with barcode

Why foneT.mobi - II


  • Total 8 categories(Folder) - Personal, Photo, Social Bookmarking/RSS, Docs/Files, Location Service, Social Netwprking, Information & System

  • Easy to locate your app like facebook or YouTube

  • Main screen display categories on phone and select app based on categories

  • We Keep on adding more components in Categories.

  • Photographs management using this app or Picasa or Flickr or Facebook.

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Category - docs/Files

  • Update any file to local application or Google Docs

  • Share files with your friends

  • Create/Delete any files

  • Download files from Internet

  • Files shared by your friends

  • Download/updoad/Search any files to Google Docs

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Category - Information

  • Directory of mobile web sites

  • Customized search for Google, Amazon, Ebay, Wiki, Ask etc.

  • Search for Mobile web directory or Users bookmarks or Users RSS feeds

  • Maintain your mini blog and read your friends mini blog.

  • Share your contacts information thourgh Web/Email/downloadable VCF card

  • List of SMS address, SMS message to group/SMS contact

  • Mantain your Stocks list, profit/Loss detail, read about Stock/chart/News

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Category - Location Service

  • Single sign-on to FourSquare and Gowalla

  • List of your friends from FourSquare and Gowalla

  • Checkins of your Friends

  • Search Venues

  • Check-in to FourSquare/Gowalla

  • Get your current location using GPS(for some smartphones)

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Category - Personal(1)

  • Total 9 Component in this category

  • Online Messaging system with your friends. If your friends don't check your message, then they will get the Email reminder

  • Build your Todo list

  • List of your friends and their status

  • Clicking on your friends link will display the complete profile which includes their Bookmarks, Photographs, RSS feeds, Mini Blog, their friends, Groups and external profiles

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Category - Personal(2)

  • Complete Address book Management - Add, Delete, Search, Category list, Search on Facebook using email, download contact as VCF, send your contact as V card file(VCF) through email etc.

  • Email reminder for your friends Birthday/Anniversary and also can send email to your friends to wish them

  • Download/upload your contacts as CSV file

  • Homepage(Main) - where you can configure your weather, customized search, bookmarks, Stocks, your news based on your zip code(if available) and Maps/Direction.

  • Homepage(Rss/News) - where you can configure all your news(RSS)

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Category - Personal(3)

  • Google Calender - with Single sign-on, latest events list, Create, Search and Export events as iCalendar file(ICS)

  • Create groups, join any other groups, complete group mangement

  • Grocery card management with horizontal and vertival bar code, a link to store locator also

  • TripIt - your trip mangement with single-sign on with upcoming list

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Category - Picture

  • Total 5 Component in this category

  • Manage your photographs on facebook and check the albums of your facebook friends

  • Manage your photographs at flickr with Single sign-on

  • Manage your photographs at Picasa with Single sign-on

  • Manage your photographs include sharing your album with friends, public or private as well as check your friends album.

  • Manage your video at YouTube with Single sign-on

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Category - Bookmarks/RSS

  • You can manage your bookmars/RSS feed

  • Export/Import your bookmarks

  • Add new RSS feed

  • Check your friends bookmarks/RSS

  • Manage your Delicious bookmarks with Single sign-on.

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Category - Social Networking(1)

  • Total 8 Component in this category

  • Social Networking, update profile, update status to facebook,twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn and Google Buzz with single click

  • Facebook - check your News feed, Walls, Inbox, Friends, Groups, Inbox messages

  • Twitter - check your tweets, friends tweets, facourties, Search etc

  • FriendFeed - check your feed, public feed, friends feed, Search etc.

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Category - Social Networking(2)

  • Setup the feed of your vairous profiles like Digg, Brightkite, Tumblr, Plurk, Stumbleupon etc.

  • More than 50 external profiles can be setup

  • LinkedIn - check your updates, Friends, Search etc.

  • Twitter - check your tweets, friends tweets, facourties, Search etc

  • Google Buzz - check your feed, followers/following feeds, Search etc.

  • Chating - you can send instant messages to your online friends(works on smartphone with javascript support)

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Category - System

  • Invite your friends to join your friendship

  • change your password

  • Change your Setting -

    • Adjust the Font size
    • Adjust the number of lines to display on any page
    • Adjust the number of pictures to display
    • Check for more settings.

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